We are working steadfastly to bring YESBABY Dating to you!

What You Can Expect

1. A fresh, future-forward platform that embraces our mission statement and

high standards down to the last detail.

2. A rendition of our websites design reputation for neatness, organization,

ease of use, and functionality.

3. The first dating site that offers background checks to all users.

This feature will be optional, however, only users who have

completed the background check process will be able to interact with other users

who have done the same, using our advanced platform.

Users who choose to opt-out of this feature will get

unlimited, free access to our basic platform.

The background check seeks out specific offenses

specifically and does not permit individuals who fall into

these categories to have access to the advanced platform

4. A highly affordable service that delivers on promises and quality

Whether you choose the basic platform, which is free, or the

advanced platform, which includes background checks,

you can be certain that you are getting the most out of your investment. 

We plan to charge a fee of $60 upfront for the background check to be completed,

which will also cover the first month of use (after completing the check).

After the first month, our advanced platform is only $14 per month,

charged on a recurring basis that can be canceled at any time.

That also makes it the most inexpensive all-inclusive dating site ever.

When YESBABY Dating launches, you can expect to see:

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