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  • How to Use Instagram for Success | YESBABY

    BABY RESOURCES We want to see you succeed, no matter what service(s) you participate in. YESBABY has taken extra steps to compile a vast range of tools, tips, and guides so you have everything you could possibly need from your very first day . GENERAL HELP & ENCOURAGEMENT How to Use Instagram for Success How to Expand Your Client Base What to Expect During Your First Week with YESBABY PROFESSIONAL COMPANIONS LIVE CAMS & LIVE POLE DANCERS How to Combat the Cam Jitters What to Expect During Your First Live Show Tips for Earning More Tips How to Earn a FREE OhMiBod Vibrator How to Use Your Vibrator to Produce a Better Show Dancing Poles We Recommend The Benefits of Using an OhMiBod Vibrator in Your Shows Prepared Scripts for Success How to Consistently Rock Your Live Shows INTIMATE PHONE CHAT LINE What to Expect on Your First Intimate Phone Call How to Combat the Phone Jitters Prepared Scripts for Success What to Expect on Your First Intimate Phone Call What to Expect on Your First Intimate Phone Call USED APPAREL STORE


    PROFESSIONAL COMPANION SERVICE An intimate and personalized companion experience that offers an alternative to traditional dating sites, matchmaking, and escort services. BOOK NOW CALL US ANYTIME: 844.777.3112 Here's what you'll get when you hire a Professional Companion: Interact with your BABY directly whenever it is convenient for you . Your professional companion is there to service your any desire! This service includes: ​ 1. Two hours of Intimate Phone Chat per day. ​ 2. Unlimited Direct Messaging per day. ​ 3. Live Video Chat is available per request. Ask your Companion for their details on price and schedule. ​ 4. Pictures and Videos can be exchanged via SMS or Snapchat and are subject to your Companion's preferences. ​ 5. Additional Intimate Phone Chat minutes can be purchased at your Companion's individual rate per your request. ​ 6. Discounts on your Companion's Used Apparel , whenever applicable. Ask your Companion for their specifics. This service is perfect for flirting, fantasy exploration, dating advice or practice, intimate conversation, and sexual excitement. ​ To check out our lovely ladies or fine gentlemen, click here . Sometimes you should leave it to the professionals. Hiring a Professional Companion is ideal for anyone who: 1. Is fed up with playing the games associated with other types of intimate or even basic adult services. ​ 2. Is looking to use their precious tim e wisely while meeting all of their fantasies and desires. ​ 3. Wants a deep connection and a great time with absolutely no stress or commitment. Why play a game that you already know you don't like? Dating, in general, can be difficult, awkward, and frustrating; more so for some of us than for others. Many are beginning to realize that traditional dating practices don't work for everyone. Matchmaking Services have a reputation for being lengthy and unresponsive. Not to mention outrageously expensive . Escort Services have a high cost associated with only about an hour of interaction. They are dangerous and are also associated with questionable legalities and health risks, for both the escort and the customer. ​ If you have ever experienced any of the scenarios listed above, ​ You need a Professional Companion. BOOK NOW

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